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Questions that we have been asked recently about CBD

A few questions that we have been asked recently about CBD


Disclaimer We would like to say that we are not trained medical professionals and the details below are based on our experiences and what we have been told from our customers. We are not suggesting CBD can cure but it is used now by millions to treat various ailments.


Can CBD Oil Cause Headaches?


It is not known if CBD can cause headaches, but all evidence seems to suggest it will not. A proven anti-inflammatory and known natural pain reliever CBD is often used to treat headaches.


Can CBD help with Fibromyalgia? Which CBD is best for Fibromyalgia?


There is a growing online community which the vast majority say it has helped with a number of symptoms they get from Fibromyalgia. People seem to say a full spectrum of 5% or more oil works for them.


Can CBD Oil Help Psoriasis?


We have a range of topical CBD products as sold in boots. Again, online reviews show great results from using CBD for Psoriasis.  


Can CBD help with Sciatica?


As with CBD and Headaches the natural properties of CBD should help with the pain and inflammation around the nerve.


Can CBD make you tired?


Not as such but it can have a calming effect which may make you more aware of how tired you already were.


Which CBD is right for me?


All depends on what you are going to be using CBD for. If it is to help sleep we recommend our Sleep Well CBD with 5% CBD and 10% Gaba a natural amino acid known to aid relaxation.


If it is for pain a full spectrum CBD Oil is best for you.


If it is for general stress during the day we have a range of sweets infused and tea’s


Is CBD legal in the UK?


Yes… as long as it is lab-tested and below 0.02% THC levels. All our products are 100% legal to sell in the UK and Europe.


CBD who to Trust?


Branded, tested products and look for customer reviews is the best place to start.


CBD for Dogs and other Pets?


Yes, we have a special range of CBD oils for Dogs and Cats check out the section with a lot more information on our site.


CBD is Halal?


Yes it is 100% natural, our sweets are suitable for vegans and gluten-free