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  • Cannabis in Light of the Opioid Crisis | Best Feeling UK | CBD Alternatives | A Goop blog

    Cannabis in Light of the Opioid Crisis 

    It’s been hotly debated for years: Does cannabis have a legitimate medical use? It’s a Schedule I drug in the United States, meaning the federal government’s official view was—and still is—that marijuana has no legitimate medical purpose. Individual states, however, have recognized the research on marijuana’s clinical benefits for a variety of conditions. Now the first cannabis-derived drug—Epidolex, an oral cannabidiol (CBD) solution used to ease seizures in two rare forms of epilepsy—has been approved by the FDA, and the specific formulation rescheduled to Schedule V (meaning it has accepted medical use and low potential for abuse). This doesn’t affect the scheduling of other CBD products but may open the door for other cannabis-derived drugs in the future.