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Fat Burner CBD | CBD oil | CBD Tincture in the UK

FAT BURNER CBD - 5% oil CBD + L-CARNITIN | CBD Drops | CBD Tincture UK

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10 ml CBD full spectral oil supported by the Power of L-Carnitine

The supporting effect during body shaping. L-Carnitine is a useful amino acid compound. It supports body shaping by transporting fatty acids into the muscle cells for energy production.

The nutrient supply and energy production is optimized. Long-chain fatty acids can only be transported with the help of L-carnitine into the interior of the energy-producing mitochondria.
Therefore carnitine is especially known as a fat burner because it is the transport molecule for fatty acids and can improve fat burning and help lose weight.

It may also enable better energy release (recommended for mental performance requirements) and improves regeneration after sports.

The effects of this CBD are enhanced via training. Check out our range of other CBD Products